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Fun and flirty but also deals with serious parts of life such as finding yourself and mental health.

Oceans Apart, Their Souls Collide...

On a chance encounter at Rottnest Island, the chemistry between Australian journalist Bethany Michaels and American Navy counsellor Lachlan Peters sparks an undeniable connection. But with his military duties calling, Lachlan lets Beth slip through his fingers. 

Two years later, Beth is building a new life dedicated to her family's Harbour to Hope charity when charismatic sailor Nick DeHann sweeps her into a whirlwind romance. Rushing into an elopement to America, Beth soon finds herself abandoned and alone.

Meanwhile, Lachlan struggles to find purpose after leaving the navy, until a reconnection with Beth reignites the flame he let extinguish. Realizing his mistake, he supports Beth's journey back home and follows on a work visa, falling deeper in love.

But when Nick reappears asking for a second chance, Beth must confront the truth about his bipolar disorder and deceit. Will the shores of new beginnings guide Beth and Lachlan's souls to their destined harbor? An enthralling tale of love's winding currents.

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