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About Me

Lisa Renee adds love and laughter to every page of her romantic comedies. With a knack for multi-tasking, or shall we say multiplying, she has seven children to prove it. But these days, instead of breeding humans, Lisa has taken up breeding Ragdoll cats. 

Lisa and her furry family live in Australia, where she loves coming up with swoon-worthy stories filled with awkward moments, and co-interviewing authors for the podcast, Behind the Story with Naomi and Lisa.

Blog Posts

Behind the Story PODCAST with Naomi and Lisa
Keep up to date with Lisa Renee's news by watching the pre-chat show on Behind the Story with Naomi and Lisa on YOUTUBE.Check out the Bloopers from 2023 and overview of the year.
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Fake Identity at Stake FREE for Christmas 2023
From 25th to 27th Dec, get Fake Identity at Stake FREE on Amazon for a permanent download. Plus it's always free with Kindle Unlimited.
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Book Boyfriends and Lattes novella
The third novella of the Bachelorettes of Clear Creek series was first released on Kickstarter July through to August 2023 with exclusive editions. Now it's up on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited. Get it here:
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